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Everyone would like to play better. Regardless if you are beginner or professional, let me give you positive and practical insights on how you can improve your technique and make your playing experience more enjoyable. Log on and we will get your playing up to speed and discover the intricacies that will make the difference. Let me show you the mind-set of getting the most from your practice sessions. Here's an opportunity to spend your time and money more efficiently. No long term obligations - Pay as you go!

Here are just a few online lesson topics:

  • Introduction To Five String Banjo

  • Effective Practice Techniques

  • How to Use A Metronome

  • Basic Through Advanced Theory For Bluegrass Banjo

  • Basic Through Advanced Theory For Jazz Banjo

  • Fretboard Learning Strategies

  • Chords - Structure and Application

  • Developing Ear To Hand Coordination

  • Beginning Through Advanced Improvisation

  • Chord Arrangements

Lessons are $45 for one hour. 24 hour notice required for cancellation. Same day cancellations will be charged standard rate. Lessons include at least one custom-tailored PDF or sound file sent to you by email. Instruction is usually centered around one or two agreed upon topics but can proceed in any direction the student may desire.

Lessons are conducted in the evening between 5PM - 8PM PST. The lesson begins only after a solid internet connection is made. Any time lost during the session because of bad internet connection problems can be added to the end of the session or credited to another session at a later time. If a session is continually interrupted for more than 15 minutes, then a completely new session can be scheduled at a new time.

Payment is through PayPal which also takes credit cards.

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When You Wish Upon A Star

This is the official Disney Park theme song. I remember as a kid watching, "The Wonderful World Of Disney" as Jiminy Cricket sang this tune on TV in Disney's adaptation of Pinocchio. I wrote this simple arrangement in honor of the late Cliff Edwards, the voice of Jiminy Cricket.




 Five Pentatonic Positions


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The five-note or "pentatonic" scale is ancient and universal. It is used freely in American fiddle tunes. Harmonically, it is more forgiving than a major scale because its tones can be played in any order without harmonic dissonance. When you fully integrate the various patterns of this scale into your fretboard knowledge, it allows you to play in many keys with simple right hand positions.


Below is the music and tablature of this scale for the five string banjo in G.


You can find more information and exercises for the pentatonic scale in the Mel Bay book,

"The Key To Five String Banjo."





 Orange Blossom Special

This is the chorus of a bluegrass festival favorite played open in the key of A.