Straight Ahead Jazz For Banjo


Starting with basic intervals, "Straight Ahead Jazz For Banjo" shows the structure of all basic chord types and qualities and matches these to the scales that generate them. The book's basic concept model is to treat the five-string banjo's potential in an inclusive technical context so that the student can make use of open and fifth strings to create a smooth legato style.

Each of the 90+ exercises are recorded with a metronome and progress to 16 additional examples of original jazz phrases in a variety of keys. Topics include functional major and minor key harmony, diminished and augmented scales and how they are used, and the integration of altered scale substitutes in the art of jazz improvisation. It stresses listening and learning in a logical structured manner with an example of a daily practice plan.

The unique emphasis of the book is on the fingerings which make the instrument work for you technically and thus open up added possibilities for the development of a student's personal style. This long-awaited volume will surely bring new focus and perspective to any banjo style and will be a classic reference for many new generations of banjoists.



Most comprehensive and original information for a jazz foundation for five-string banjoists. The book begins with basic intervals and fretboard distances and progresses to advanced applied harmonic concepts. Even if you do not aspire to jazz improvisation, "Straight Ahead Jazz For Banjo" will give you a new persepctive on any style you now play.


Written in Tablature and Standard Music Notation

Most of the scale studies and exercises are written in straight eighth notes which will aid in learning standard notation. This helps develop sight-reading skills for standard notation.


Ten Day Practice Plan

A suggested ten day practice plan helps you to get started and organize your daily practice.


All exercises come with a recorded CD to feed and train your ears.

The key to learning improvisation is developing musical hearing or "audiation." By listening to an excercise repeatedly and learing it by ear, the process of transferring the sound to your fingers and your banjo becomes easier.


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 The Key To Five String Banjo


One of the most frequently asked questions by banjo students is, "How do you gain freedom of expression with the banjo outside of basic chords and songs?" Because most students learn by mastering separate songs from tablature, they can become stuck in that format. It inevitably limits a student to certain areas of the neck and fosters a polarized perception of the fretboard.

The necessity to perceive the banjo fretboard in its totality is what "The Key To Five String Banjo" is all about. It starts with a simple 5 note scale which enables a student to see the whole picture of the banjo neck. "The Key to Five String Banjo" is complete with exercises on CD which not only expands a student's physical capabilities, but also the "sound perception" of what the fretboard has to offer. Students rethink and see familiar songs with in a new and expanded awareness. The exercises contained "Key To Five String Banjo" utilize both "single string" and "across string" techniques making it useful for any style. It demonstrates the concept of "sound shapes" enabling students to train their ears toward new fingering habits and thus gaining more freedom on the banjo neck.


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